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With our new line of Crypton® products, now Trendex Home Designs can offer you high quality, fashion table linens that provide permanent resistance to stains, spills, odors, bacteria, mold and mildew as well as a guaranteed moisture barrier! And it's fabric, not a vinyl or plastic. Unlike any other fabric or topical coating, Crypton's® patented technology is engineered right into the fabric, permanently encapsulating every fiber. So even though it's as tough as nails, it's still as soft as plain old fabric. This ultimate performance fabric is impervious to the dirt and grime of everyday living.

Clean and Green

In the quest to make Crypton® the most environmentally intelligent process for high performance textiles, only the safest chemicals and technologies are used. All the Crypton® formulations are certified. After all, there aren't 14 global patents on this stuff for nothing! Fabrics are bathed, not sprayed like others, keeping chemicals where they are intended to be.And by extending the useful life of table linens, we all contribute to the effective use of resources. Now that's sustainability!

Serious about Clean and Looking Good!

Crypton® makes life easier, simpler, safer and cleaner without compromising the style or design that Trendex is known for. Wipe out the scariest stains with a clean towel - we're talking coffee, wine even ketchup. If you feel the need, use a little water - or a lot of water if you like. Remember, liquids will not penetrate the fabric barrier, so rinse liberally! For nastier dried on foods or stains, simply combine 1 part of an enzyme powder detergent such as Cheer® or Tide® with 5 parts water and apply. Go ahead, rub, scrub and rinse - be sure to remove all soap residue.

So go ahead, spill at will. Spatter it with mud, douse it with wine. Do your best to stain and soak it. It's like no other, tested and trusted for 15 years. For more information on Crypton®, visit